A Comprehensive Viddeyo Review: Is This Video Marketing Tool Right For You?


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In today’s digital-driven world, video marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach and engage with your target audience. However, many businesses struggle to create compelling videos that can capture the attention of their viewers. That’s where Viddeyo comes in. Viddeyo is a video creation tool that helps you create professional-looking videos quickly and easily. In this comprehensive review, we will look at all its features, pricing plans, and more so that you can decide if it’s the right video marketing tool for you. Let’s dive in!

What is Viddeyo?

If you’re looking for a video marketing tool that can help you create engaging and informative videos, then you may want to check out Viddeyo. With Viddeyo, you can easily create professional-looking videos without any prior video editing experience.

Viddeyo provides a wide range of templates that you can use to create your videos. Simply select the template that you want to use and then add your own content. You can also customize the look and feel of your videos by changing the background, adding music, and more.

Once you’re done creating your video, Viddeyo makes it easy to share it with your audience. You can post your video on social media, embed it on your website, or even email it to your list.

How does Viddeyo work?

Viddeyo is a video marketing tool that allows businesses to create and share engaging videos with their customers. The platform includes a wide range of features, including video creation, editing, and sharing tools, as well as analytics and insights to help businesses track their video performance.

The different features of Viddeyo

Viddeyo is a video marketing tool that allows you to create, edit, and share videos easily. It also provides you with a library of high-quality video templates to choose from. Here are the different features of Viddeyo:

Creating videos: With Viddeyo, you can create videos from scratch or use one of the many templates available. You can also add your own logos and branding to personalize your videos.

Editing videos: Viddeyo offers a wide range of editing features, including the ability to trim, crop, and rotate your videos. You can also add text, images, and transitions to make your videos more engaging.

Sharing videos: Once you’ve created and edited your video, you can share it on social media or embed it on your website. Viddeyo also provides an analysis tool to help you track your video’s performance.

The Different Types of Viddeyo Videos

There are three types of Viddeyo videos: Explainer, Testimonial, and Commercial.

Explainer videos are short, usually under two minutes, and explain a concept or product. They’re often used to introduce a new company or product, but can also be used to increase brand awareness or explain how to use a complex product.

Testimonial videos feature customers talking about their experiences with a product or service. These videos can be helpful in boosting sales because they show happy customers using the product and giving their positive feedback.

Commercials are the traditional type of marketing video. They’re designed to sell a product or service by showcasing its features and benefits. Commercials can be either long or short, but they typically follow a similar structure: an attention-grabbing opening, some information about the product, and a call to action.

Alternatives to Viddeyo

There are many video marketing tools available on the market, and Viddeyo is just one option. If you’re looking for alternatives to Viddeyo, here are a few other options to consider:

– Wistia: Wistia is a video hosting and analytics platform that helps businesses create and share engaging video content.

– Vidyard: Vidyard is a video marketing and analytics platform that helps businesses track their video performance and ROI.

– Brightcove: Brightcove is a cloud-based video platform that helps businesses create and distribute high-quality video content.

Each of these platforms has its own unique set of features and pricing plans, so be sure to do your research to find the one that best fits your needs.

Pros and Cons of Viddeyo

Viddeyo is a powerful video marketing tool that can help businesses create engaging and professional videos. However, there are some pros and cons to using Viddeyo that businesses should be aware of.


1. Viddeyo is an easy-to-use video marketing platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses create professional-looking videos.

2. The platform provides users with access to a library of high-quality video templates that can be used to create videos quickly and easily.

3. Viddeyo offers a wide range of customization options, allowing businesses to create videos that are uniquely their own.

4. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for even those with no prior video editing experience to create high-quality videos.

5. Videos created with Viddeyo can be exported in a variety of formats, making it easy to share them across social media or embed on websites and blogs.


What are the Viddeyo Pricing Plans?

There are three Viddeyo pricing plans: a monthly subscription, an annual subscription, and a lifetime subscription. The monthly subscription is $47 per month, the annual subscription is $359 per year (which equals $29.92 per month), and the lifetime subscription is $697.

The biggest difference between the monthly and annual plans is the price. The annual plan saves you over $100 per year. If you plan on using Viddeyo for a long time, then the lifetime plan is your best bet because it only costs you $697 upfront (which equals to $58.08 per month).

Another difference is that the monthly and annual plans come with a 7-day trial, while the lifetime plan does not have a trial period. So if you want to try out Viddeyo before committing to it, then you’ll need to sign up for either the monthly or annual plan.

How to Create a Viddeyo Video

Creating a Viddeyo video is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how:

1. Choose your video template. There are dozens of high-quality, professionally-designed video templates to choose from. Simply browse the selection and select the one that best fits your needs.

2. Enter your text. Once you’ve selected your template, you’ll be prompted to enter the text for your video. This can be done directly in the Viddeyo interface or you can copy and paste your text from another document.

3. Customize your video. Viddeyo gives you the ability to customize your video in a number of ways. You can add images, change colors, add music, and more.

4. Preview and download your video. Once you’re happy with your video, you can preview it to make sure everything looks good. If it does, simply download the video and it’s ready to use!


Viddeyo is a powerful and versatile video marketing tool that can help you create stunning videos with ease. It comes with a range of features that make it easy for anyone to create high-quality videos, from beginners who are just starting out to experienced marketers looking for an edge. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to get started making videos or you’re looking for something more advanced, Viddeyo has something that fits your needs. Give it a try and see what the power of video can do for your business!


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