About us

Hey I’m Bilal it’s my Blog if you want to know about me so read it and then mail me if you like it

I am 24 years old and I’m not married yet but one day I will. so after graduating from oxford university I started my blog in 2022 in Dec so it’s very hard to be at the top of Google searching but I will not lose hope and this blog will remain until I live in this world when I die children will do. so I and Now I’m a boy and I like running and I can’t run more than 10 KM. I don’t have any GF right now if you want to mail me I’m always available for you and any type of questions. Also, I don’t like Tea I like milkshakes only and also I take tea when I feel very sad .

I have two best friends and two Buddies and one Mamo Jan in my life. Asad and Hussnian are Best Friends and they are Fools but I like them also Moshsin and Hamad are the other bodies and Naeem is my MAmo Jan.

And we met on Sunday For Breakfast and spend all day together that is my life rotten it will change when I get married so until then I am doing same